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Canson XL Newsprint

Canson® XL® Newsprint

Canson® XL® Newsprint has a rough surface that is perfect for rapid sketches, drafts, and experimenting. Ideal for charcoal and pencil.


Six Sizes available in the Classic XL Foldover Newspint Pads.


Weight or thickness

30lb / 49g


Colours and textures

Standard newsprint (Light grey/tan)


Recommended techniques

Pencil and charcoal




Pads: 9"x12", 14"x17", 18"x24", 24"X36"

Canson XL Newsprint
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XL Newsprint Pad 18" x 24"(50 pp) 400026820 $ 7.62
XL Newsprint Pad 24" x 36"(50 pp) 702-269 $ 12.69
XL Newsprint Pad 9"x12"(100 sht) 100510949 $ 3.42
XL Newsprint Pad 14"x17"(100 sht) 100510950 $ 7.41
XL Newsprint Pad 18" x 24"(100 pp) 100510966 $ 11.49
XL Newsprint Pad 24"x36"(100 sht) 702-276 $ 21.57
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