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5800 Series Long Handle Brights

Rousseau™ – Natural Bristle, Long Handle BrightsWe have named this brush after our dear friend Rick Rousseau, who contributed so much to our company and our personal lives. Rousseau™ brushes start with an abundance of premium-quality Chungking bristles and add the panache of Princeton’s hand-formed interlock construction. The natural taper and curve of the bristles are expertly arranged within the hair tuft to form crisp edges and resilient points. The flagged tips, also known as split ends, hold more paint and result in better control. The best brush for oil color, it can also be used with acrylics. 

5800 Series Long Handle Brights
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Rousseau Bright #2 5800B-2 $ 7.50
Rousseau Bright #4 5800B-4 $ 8.85
Rousseau Bright #6 5800B-6 $ 10.77
Rousseau Bright #8 5800B-8 $ 14.55
Rousseau Bright #10 5800B-10 $ 18.90
Rousseau Bright #12 5800B-12 $ 23.97
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