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Liquitex Soluvar Aerosol

Soluvar Removable Varnish in 12 oz Spray Can in Glossy or Matte

Spray Application

  • Most even application method.
  • Use for textured surfaces (thick impasto, thick textures), where brush application may result in foaming and fragile surfaces (watercolor, tempera, graphite, pastel, gouache), where brush application may disrupt drawing or painted surface. 
  1. Select air pressure (PSI) depending on air gun used and viscosity of varnish. Greater PSI permits thicker varnish to be sprayed, but may affect fragile surfaces.
  2. 2-3 light even coats are better than 1 thick coat.
  3. Spray a continuous film by moving the spray gun in a smooth motion from one side of the painting to the other. First coat horizontal, second coat, third coat horizontal, etc.
  4. During spray application maintain same distance across the surface of the artwork. Move your body as well as your arm to avoid "arching" motion and uneven application.
  5.  Good ventilation and a carbon dual filter mask are important.
Liquitex Soluvar Aerosol
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Soluvar 12 oz Glossy 106025 $ 14.99
Soluvar 12 oz Matte 106125 $ 14.99
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