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Speedball Professional Relief Ink

Speedball Professional Relief Ink
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 Speedball has developed a new line of artist-quality relief inks that are a water-miscible, oil-base. With only the highest quality, lightfast pigments and no fillers, the results are rich, intense, crisp prints with archival qualities that artists demand. The ink is formulated with the working properties artists desire – inks roll-out consistently, transfer beautifully, and hold even the finest details. Lastly, they easily clean up with soap and water!

Step inside the doors of Speedball Art Products and get a sneak peek into how they bring to life their new Professional Relief Ink. Featuring a water-miscible oil-base, this new ink delivers professional working properties and unrivaled clean-up ease. Created with world renowned relief artist, Bill Fick, Supergraphic black Ink is the flagship color in the Professional Relief Ink line.

Key Attributes:

  • High quality permanent print
  • Dry time – not too fast / not too slow
  • Transfer well and hold fine line detail (good tack)

Pro Relief Crimson Red 8 oz 3941 $ 16.79
Pro Relief Diarylide Yellow 8 oz 3947 $ 16.79
Pro Relief Dioxanine Violet 8 oz 3948 $ 16.79
Pro Relief Hansa Yellow 8 oz 3945 $ 14.39
Pro Relief Pthalo Blue 8 oz 3942 $ 14.39
Pro Relief Pthalo Green 8 oz 3944 $ 14.39
Pro Relief Quinacridone Red 8 oz 3949 $ 16.79
Pro Relief Supergraphic Black 8 oz 3940 $ 12.59
Pro Relief Titanium White 8 oz 3943 $ 12.59
Pro Relief Transparent Base 8 oz 3946 $ 12.59
Pro Relief Ultramarine Blue 8 oz 3950 $ 14.39
Pro Relief Supergraphic Black 16 oz 3970 $ 22.86
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