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Speedball Gel Printing Plates

Speedball Gel Printing Plates are manufactured to possess a lower profile than other competitive offerings. The lower profile allows for greater detail to be achieved when printing, but also cuts down on product weight and storage space required in studios, classrooms and when traveling.

Speedball's Gel Printing Plates are created for use with Speedball Block Printing Inks, Speedball screen printing inkls(Acrylic or Textile) and Akua Intaglio or Akua Liquid Pigment Inks.

Monoprinting using Speedball Block Printing Inks or Akua printmaking inks allow for one of a kind prints using Gel Printing Plates of stunning and luminous quality.

Available in 4 sizes.


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Purchase Items

Gel Print Plate 5"x5" 008000 $ 14.11
Gel Print Plate 5"x7" 008001 $ 15.76
Gel Print Plate 8"x10" 008002 $ 25.72
Gel Print Plate 12"x12" 008003 $ 49.79