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Bestine "the Original" Thinner

Bestine "the Original" Thinner
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It's Back and better than ever!!!

Originally formulated for thinning or reducing rubber cement, Bestine Solvent & Thinner is also ideal for cleaning most surfaces.  Bestine easily cleans up inks, spray adhesive, and is an excellent parts cleaner. Over the years, Bestine has been the trusted and reliable choice for removing decals and labels from all types of surfaces including most plastics.


VOC Content levels of 203 Bestine Gallon prevent shipment of "Gallons" to Calif., Conn., Dela., NH, Utah and Maryland

Best-Test Bestine 4 oz 238 $ 3.29
Best-Test Bestine 16 oz 201B $ 7.99
Best-Test Bestine 32 oz 202 $ 12.39
Best-Test Bestine Gallon 203B $ 36.39
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