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Wolffs Carbon Pencil

Wolff’s Carbon Pencils offer the advantage of both graphite and carbon. They allow the artist to draw velvety black lines easily and fluidly with their consistently smooth texture, with no hard spots. They are available in B, 2B, 4B and 6B, both in boxes of 12 or in a multi-pack blistered set of one of each degree(4-Pack).

Wolffs Carbon Pencil
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Wolffs Carbon B Pencil Dozen 422027 $ 2.09
Wolffs Carbon 2B Pencil Dozen 441053 $ 2.09
Wolffs Carbon 4B Pencil Dozen 441152 $ 2.09
Wolffs Carbon 6B Pencil Dozen 441251 $ 2.09
Wolffs Carbon 4-Pack Carded 442159 $ 9.63
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