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Classic Bare Books for Children

Each Bare Book has  blank pages of quality white paper and has a hard dover sewn pages for durability. Covers are sturdy, paper chipboard with a linen finish. Inside pages are suitable for crayons, coloring pencils, felt-tip watercolor pens and other writing and art materials. There are 2 versions of the 6 3/8" by 8 1/8" books, one with 28 pages (14 sheets) and one with 60 pages (30 sheets). The 8 3/8" by 12" version comes with 28 pages (14 sheets).

Classic Bare Books for Children
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BARE BOOK SMALL (28 pgs) 2705 $ 2.79
BARE BOOK LRG (28 pgs) 1802 $ 3.39
BARE BOOK SM (60 pgs) 6060 $ 3.49
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