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Spray Paint Alternative Nozzles

Each can of Liquitex Professional Spray Paint has a standard nozzle. The nozzles can be washed with Liquitex Nozzle Clearner and should be washed after each using(same as brushes are washed after each use).

We also offer packages of standard, skinny and/or fat nozzles for a variety of spray uses in packages of 6 along with the Liquitex Spray Nozzle Cleaner.

Spray Paint Alternative Nozzles
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Standard Nozzle 6 pack 4459216 $ 3.47
Fat Nozzle 6 Pack 4459238 $ 3.47
Skinny Nozzle 6 Pack 4459239 $ 3.47
Liquitex Spray Nozzle Cleaner 4459230 $ 5.99
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