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Williamsburg Italian Earth Colors

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Our justly famous line of imported Italian earth colors. These are the same pigments made famous by the Italian Renaissance and used by conservators. Clean, vibrant, more translucent than other earths, they can completely change your attitude of what an earth color can be. Unlike synthetic iron oxides, no two natural earths are ever alike, and these rare Italian colors are prized among painters as among the finest available in the world. 

Colors below are in 37 ml tubes unless otherwise indicated.


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Italian Black Roman Earth W0022-9 $ 14.69
Italian Burnt Sienna W0023-9 $ 14.69
Italian Lemon Ochre W0014-9 $ 14.69
Italian Pink W1474-9 $ 18.05
Italian Pompeii Red W0018-9 $ 14.69
Italian Terra Verte W0013-9 $ 14.69
Italian Yellow Ochre W0015-9 $ 14.69
Naples Yellow Italian W04619 $ 11.40