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Color Aid Paper 220 set

Color Aid Paper 220 set
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The Standard Set consists of 220 matt-finished colors. An instruction leaflet describing the organization of the colors provides a grid for designating the colors, as these are not printed on the back. The Standard Set was the prevailing system from 1948 until 1989, at which time the Full Set was released. Available boxed in two sizes.

220 colors 24 basic hues, 4 tints and 3 shades of each hue, 8 greys, black and white. Color Aid papers take pencil, ink, showcard and tempera colors, Non-bleeding and erasable. The new Color-aid system is divided into 7 individual sections for easy use. The sections consist of: Hue and Tint, Extra Hue, Light Tint, Gray, Dark Shade, Shade & Pastel, and Light Pastel. These sections are interrelated.

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4.5``x 6`` 220 pages 220S $ 51.79
6``x 9`` 220 pages 220 $ 102.59
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