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Speedball Mediums

Speedball Mediums
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Profesional quality gloss and matte mediums used as thinning and glazing vehicles for acrylic paint. May be mixed with colors, may be used as a final varnish. Available in economically sized pints, quarts and gallons. Gel(Gloss) Mediums produce thick, transparent glazes. Increase gloss and brilliance. And are also available in pints, quarts and Gallons.

Speedball Gel Gloss Medium 16oz 6878 $ 12.32
Speedball Gel Gloss Medium quart 6879 $ 18.49
Speedball Gel Gloss Medium gallon 6880 $ 59.87
Speedball Gloss Medium 16oz 6857 $ 11.79
Speedball Gloss Medium quart 6886 $ 18.49
Speedball Gloss Medium gallon 6887 $ 59.87
Speedball Matte Medium 16oz 6856 $ 11.79
Speedball Matte Medium quart 6884 $ 18.49
Speedball Matte Medium gallon 6885 $ 59.87
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