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Richeson Powder Paint


Powder paint is convenient and easy to use! Just mix equal parts of Powder Paint & Water and you’re ready to get painting. For thinner washes, add more water, for thicker, more rich colors, add a bit less water. Caution should be used when using the paint as the pigments can stain. We recommend wearing an apron during use. 1 lb.

Powder Paint is powdered tempera and comes in 9 colors.



Richeson Powder Paint
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Black Dry Tempera 101508 $ 3.15
Blue Dry Tempera 101503 $ 3.15
Brown Dry Tempera 101509 $ 3.15
Green Dry Tempera 101505 $ 3.15
Orange Dry Tempera 101504 $ 3.15
Red Dry Tempera 101501 $ 3.15
Purple Dry Tempera 101506J $ 3.15
White Dry Tempera 101507 $ 3.15
Yellow Dry Tempera 101502 $ 3.15
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