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Golden Iridescent Acrylic 2oz tube

Golden Iridescent Acrylics may be used alone or with other colors, gels and mediums. Iridescent Pearl is extremely useful for mixing with other colors for pearl-like qualities. The Iridescent Bronze, Silver, Gold and Copper develop non-tarnishing metallic finishes. Stainless Steel and Micaceous Iron Oxide are made with highly reflective metallic pigments. Most Iridescent Acrylics are available in Fine and Coarse.

Golden Iridescent Acrylic 2oz tube
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Iridescent Bright Gold (Fine) G40122 $ 12.03
Iridescent Bronze (Fine) G40032 $ 12.03
Iridescent Copper (Fine) G40052 $ 12.03
Iridescent Copper Light (Crse) G41062 $ 13.99
Iridescent Copper Light (Fine) G40062 $ 12.03
Iridescent Gold (Crse) G41102 $ 11.12
Iridescent Gold (Fine) G40102 $ 11.12
Iridescent Gold Deep G40152 $ 12.03
Iridescent Pearl (Crse) G41202 $ 9.09
Iridescent Pearl (Fine) G40202 $ 9.09
Iridescent Silver (Fine) G40252 $ 9.72
Iridescent Stainless Stl (Crse) G40272 $ 9.72
Iridescent Stainless Stl (Fine) G40282 $ 9.72
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