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Micron Pen Sets

The Pigma Micron pen is available in 6 point sizes ranging from 20mm to 50mm in black.

*The 3 set comes in 01,03 and 05 in black.

*The 6 set comes in 005,01,02,03,05 and 08 in black.

*The Micron Graphic Set has 3 black pens: 1.0 mm bullet tip, 2.0 mm chisel tip, 3.0 mm chisel tip.

*The 8 Set includes 005,01,02,03,05,08, Pigma Brush & 1.0 Pigma Graphic. Black Ink

Micron Pen Sets
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Micron Pen 3 Set XSDKP3 $ 5.40
Micron Graphic Set 3 pack 38881 $ 5.40
Micron Pen 6 Set XSDKP6 $ 10.79
Micron Pen Set 8pk 30067 $ 14.39
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