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China Markers

China Markers
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Dixon© Phano© China Markers Available in a selection of bright, brilliant colors, china markers are perfect for marking on a variety of porous and non-porous surfaces - glass, paper, metal and more. Markers wipe away clean from any smooth surface. Paper wrapped with tear string for sharpening. Pencil Markers Association certified non-toxic.

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2 Red China Markers 79S $ 1.25
Dixon China Markers Black Dzn. 77 $ 7.36
Dixon China Markers Blue Dzn. 80 $ 7.36
Dixon China Markers Green Dzn. 74 $ 7.36
Dixon China Markers Red Dzn. 79 $ 7.36
Dixon China Markers White Dzn. 92 $ 7.36
Dixon China Markers Yellow Dzn. 73 $ 7.36
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