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Screenprinting Screens

Screen printing fabrics are all polyester and are available in multi filament and monofilament mesh. The monofilament is a uniform construction of single strands of stain-resistant polyester fibers. The 12XX/110 monofilament is constructed of fine threads twisted together to create a fabric that is excellent for general screen printing application. Six size wooden frames(with fabric), 8"x10",10"x14", 12"x16", 12"x18",14"x20" and 18"x24" are available, as well a a Screen printing unit with frame(10"x14")and base.

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Purchase Items

Screen Frame 8``x 10``(with fabric) 4716 $ 19.70
Screen Frame 10``x 14``(with fabric) 4712 $ 20.53
Screen Frame 12``x 16``(with fabric) 4730 $ 24.31
Screen Frame 12``x 18``(with fabric) 4713 $ 25.14
Screen Frame 16``x 20``(with fabric) 4714 $ 28.08
Screen Frame 18``x 24``(with fabric) 4729 $ 30.60
Screen Printing Unit 10"x14"(with hinges) 4505 $ 33.45