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Fabric Paints

Jacquard Textile Paints and liquid silk colors are Artists' grade products used by professional artist and designers worldwide, as well as hobbyist and craftspeople. Dylon cold water dyes, Jacquard Tie Dye kits, Jacquard Exciter Packs, Pearl-Ex powdered pigments, pearlescent Painters acrylic markers and Fabricmate fabric pens.

Jacquard Exciter  12 PacksPearl Ex Powdered Pigments Set #2
Beeswax by Jacquard
Fabric Mediums
Dylon Cold Water DyePrimex Shipping
Jacquard Exciter Packs
Jacquard Exciter 12 Packs
Jacquard Accessories
Gutta ResistPrimex Shipping
Jacquard Silk Accessory Items
Plastic Eye DroppersPrimex Shipping
Stainless Steel TipsPrimex Shipping
Applicator Squeeze Bottle
Jacquard Fabric Paints
Dye-Na-FlowPrimex Shipping
Green Label Silk DyePrimex Shipping
Traditional Textile & FlourescentsPrimex Shipping
Jacquard Lumiere & Neopaque
Jacquard LumierePrimex Shipping
Jacquard NeopaquePrimex Shipping
Pearl Ex Powdered Pigment Sets
Pearl Ex Powdered Pigments Set #2
Pearl Ex Powdered Pigments Set #3
Tee Juice Fabric Markers
Broad Tipped Tee Juice MarkersPrimex Shipping
Tee Juice Floral Marker SetPrimex Shipping
Tee Juice Aquatic Marker SetPrimex Shipping
Sharpie Stained Fabric Markers
Sharpie Stained Markers by ColorPrimex Shipping
Stained Sets of Sharpie Fabric MarkersPrimex Shipping
Tie Dye
Funky-Groovy Tie Dye KitPrimex Shipping
Indigo Tie Dye Kit
Camo Tie Dye Kit