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Cradled Gessobord 3/4"

 Our original cradled Gessobord panels come with the thinner 3/4" birch plywood strips and can be framed like a standard size canvas or can be hung directly on the wall without additional framing. The plywood sides can be stained, painted, gessoed, waxed or left unfinished to customize and enhance your work. Both cradle versions can either be used to paint on directly or as supports on which to mount watercolor papers, photographs, fabrics and prints.

Cradled Gessobord 3/4"
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Gessobord 5"x5"(3/4" cradle) GBS055C $ 11.14
Gessobord 6"x6"(3/4" cradle) GBS066C $ 11.75
Gessobord 8"x8"(3/4" cradle) GBS088C $ 14.02
Gessobord 8"x10"(3/4" cradle) GBS08C $ 16.30
Gessobord 9"x12"(3/4" cradle) GBS09C $ 18.43
Gessobord 11"x14"(3/4" cradle) GBS11C $ 20.39
Gessobord 12"x12"(3/4" cradle) GBS122C $ 21.46
Gessobord 12"x16"(3/4" cradle) GBS12C $ 23.12
Gessobord 12"x24"(3/4" cradle) GBS12LC $ 27.53
Gessobord 14"x18"(3/4" cradle) GBS14C $ 26.15
Gessobord 16"x20"(3/4" cradle) GBS16C $ 29.35
Gessobord 18"x24"(3/4" cradle) GBS18C $ 33.74
Gessobord 18"x36"(3/4" cradle) GBS18LC $ 40.65
Gessobord 24"x36"(3/4" cradle) GBS24C $ 46.94
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