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Artist Panels

Ampersand art panels icluding clayboard,aquabord (textured clayboard), gesso board, hardboard and pastel board. All ampersand board are also available in traditional and deep cradled sizes. **NEW**Ampersand's artist panels a value line of 1/4" thick panels priced for the student. Fredrix Canvas Panels and all**NEW**Fredrix Archival Panels in cotton and Belgian linen. Masonite boards in the popular sizes that students need at economical prices.

Gessoed Art BoardDeep Cradled Aquabord 2"Fredrix Canvas Panels
Mona Lisa Gessoed Board
Gessoed Art Board
Ampersand **BACK TO SCHOOL**
Ampersand Artist Panels 55% OFF
Ampersand Aquabord
Ampersand Aquabord
Deep Cradled Aquabord 2"
Ampersand Birch Wood Panels
Ampersand Birch Wood Panel Value Pack
Ampersand Claybord
Claybord Smooth
Cradled Claybord 3/4"
Deep Cradled Claybord 2"
Ampersand Gessobord
Cradled Gessobord 3/4"
Deep Cradled Gessobord 2"
Ampersand Hardbord
Ampersand Hardbord 1/8" Panel
Cradled Hardbord 3/4"
Deep Cradled Hardbord 2"
Ampersand Pastelbord
Grey Pastelbord
Sand Pastelbord
White Pastelbord
Green Pastelbord
Pastelbord Assortment
Ampersand Scratchbord
Ampersand Tools and Accesories
Wire Brushes
Amperand Art Panels-Canvas Surface
Ampersand Artist Panel Canvas
Artist Panel Canvas 3/4" Profile
Artist Panel Canvas 1 1/2" Profile
Ampersand Art Panels-Smooth Surface
Amperand Artist Panel Smooth
Ampersand Basswood Board
Basswood 7/8" Cradled
Natural Wood Artist Panel
Fredrix Archival Boards
Archival Canvas Boards
Archival Linen Boards
Oil Primed Archival Linen Boards
Fredrix Canvas Panels
Fredrix Canvas Panels
Masonite Panels
Masonite Panels