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Claybord Smooth

This museum quality Smooth Clayboard panel is coated with a smooth absorbent clay ground comparable to the clay gesso grounds used during the Renaissance. Archival, lightfast, and acid free, the panels are ideal for acrylics, gouache, tempera, egg tempera, pen and inks as well as for mixed media techniques, airbrush, and collage. The surface is additive and subtractive. Remove paints to add contrast, texture, tonal value and fine details. Perfect for any artwork that requires an extremely smooth surface. Claybord below is available in a 1/8" flat panel in the following sizes:

Claybord Smooth
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Clayboard (4 PK) 4x4 CBS044 $ 4.93
Clayboard (4 Pk) 5x5 CBS055 $ 5.30
Clayboard (3 PK) 5x7 01051 $ 7.20
Clayboard (4 PK) 6x6 CBS066 $ 6.44
Clayboard 8x8 CBS088 $ 4.32
Clayboard 8x10 01081 $ 5.30
Clayboard 9x12 01091 $ 7.35
Clayboard 11x14 01111 $ 8.33
Clayboard 12x12 CBS122 $ 8.86
Clayboard 12x16 CBS12 $ 10.60
Clayboard 12x24 01124 $ 12.12
Clayboard 14x18 01141 $ 11.90
Clayboard 16x20 01161 $ 15.08
Clayboard 18x24 01181 $ 17.43
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