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Ampersand Hardbord 1/8" Panel

Ampersand Hardbord 1/8" Panel
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Hardbord is the finest pressed wood panel available anywhere. Made in the U.S. from quality hardwoods, this panel resists warping and moisture penetration. Hardbord accepts all types of commercial and handmade gesso grounds. Complete priming instructions inside product labeling. Hardbord is also an excellent surface onto which paper can be mounted. The 1/8" hardboard is available in the sizes listed below:

Hardbord (3 PK) 5x7 HB05 $ 4.11
Hardbord 8x10 HB08 $ 3.03
Hardbord 9x12 HB09 $ 3.79
Hardbord 11x14 HB11 $ 4.68
Hardbord 12x12 HB122 $ 4.55
Hardbord 12x24 HB12L $ 5.69
Hardbord 12x16 HB12 $ 5.06
Hardbord 14x18 HB14 $ 5.56
Hardbord 16x20 HB16 $ 6.20
Hardbord 18x24 HB18 $ 8.03
Hardbord 18x36 HB18L $ 12.34
Hardbord 24x36(min order 4) HB24 $ 14.05
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