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Gold Composition

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Metal Leafing

METAL LEAFING Throughout history, the art and craft of leafing has been used to create and embellish some of humanity’s most revered works of art. Egyptian relics, Far Eastern Temples, illuminated manuscripts and fine art have been leafed and embellished by artistians. And it’s easy to see why. The process of leafing can be employed on wood, metal, ivory, leather, paper, glass, porcelain, and fabrics. Leaf can be worked in delicate miniature as well as on architectural structures such as domes and vaults. For any art or application, there is a metal leafing technique.

Composition gold leaf is made up of copper and zinc which, when formulated correctly,

Get the Luxurious Look for Less with Bulk Gold Leaf


For longer than most of us can remember, gold has symbolized wealth, prosperity, and high class. It features prominently in European palaces and estates, as well as in famous paintings, mosaics and vases. In fact, gold leaf is even used in the culinary field! Despite it’s heritage, gold leaf is actually sold at our store right here in Beverly at an affordable price.


How to Use Gold Leaf

Gold leaf can be used in virtually all art applications, from painting to ceramics to collage. It is not seen in art classrooms as commonly as many other materials, so integrating the material into a lesson can be an exciting way to get students excited about a project. Bulk gold leaf saves money and time, as the material can be challenging to work with and having extra is recommended.


Our Bulk Gold Leaf Offerings

At Art Supplies Wholesale, we offer bulk gold leaf in two quantities, 25 or 500 sheets. The sheets come in 5.5-inch square units. Our composition gold lead is made up of copper and zinc, which is formulated to closely resemble pure gold. An order of over $250 ships free, and all of our orders are shipped out within 48 hours of purchase. We’ll even ship your materials overnight for no extra charge as long as you order before noon EST.


Art Supplies Wholesale is the best retailer in Greater Boston for bulk gold leaf. Drop by our warehouse today to see our stock. 

closely resembles pure gold but is a fraction of the price.



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Gold Composition(25 shts) 5.5" square 0010204 $ 7.96
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