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Gilding & Leafing Supplies

Metal Leafing or Gilding is traditionally a simple process, however to create a convincing metal surface will still requires a bit of practice for the desired results. Mona lisa is the gold standard in gilding supplies.

Simple Leaf Peel 'n StickRub 'n Buff Metalic FinishesKrylon Leafing Pens
Gilding GlovesPrimex Shipping
Brush 'n Leaf Liquid Metallics
Brush 'n Leaf InteriorPrimex Shipping
Brush 'n Leaf ExteriorPrimex Shipping
Composition Metal Leaf by Mona Lisa
Gold CompositionPrimex Shipping
Silver AluminumPrimex Shipping
Genuine Metal Leaf by Mona Lisa
23 Karat Gold LeafPrimex Shipping
Sterling Silver LeafPrimex Shipping
Copper LeafPrimex Shipping
Leafing Pens
Krylon Leafing PensPrimex Shipping
Metal Leaf Adhesive
Mona Lisa Leaf Adhesive
Extra Thick Adhesives
Metal Leaf Flakes by Mona Lisa
Metal Flakes
Mona Lisa Adhesive PenPrimex Shipping
Metal Leaf Kits
Gold Leaf Kit
Mona Lisa Omni Gel
Omni Gel
Paint Sealer
Waterbased Leaf Sealer
Mona Lisa Red Basecoat
Mona Lisa Antiquing Glaze
Paint Thinner
Mona Lisa Odorless Thinner
Rub 'n Buff Metallic Finishes
Rub 'n Buff Metalic FinishesPrimex Shipping
Simple Metal Leaf by Mona Lisa
Simple Leaf Peel 'n StickPrimex Shipping