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Simple Leaf Peel 'n Stick

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Mona Lisa Simple Leaf is traditional metal leaf applied to a waxed transfer film so it is easily applied to flat surfaces without the mess and waste of traditional metal leaves. When Simple Leaf is applied to a glued surface, only the leaf that is applied to the glue is removed from the transfer film. This allows the artist to save time and money by reusing the remaining leaf on the transfer film. Just like regular leafing, gold Simple Leaf is made up of copper and zinc which, when formulated correctly, closely resembles pure gold but is a fraction of the price. Silver Simple Leaf is made of an aluminum alloy. It gives the look of sterling silver, at a much lower cost, and will not tarnish like sterling silver.

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Gold Simple Leaf (18 shts)5.5" square 0010030 $ 8.14
Silver Simple Leaf (18 shts)5.5" square 0010031 $ 8.14
Copper Simple Leaf (18 shsts)5.5" square 0010032 $ 8.14
Simple Leaf Gold Bulk 300 sheets 0010030B $ 127.31
Simple Leaf Silver Bulk 300 sheets 0010031B $ 128.27
Simple Leaf Copper Bulk 300 sheets 0010032B $ 128.27