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Metal Flakes

Mona Lisa Metal leaf flakes are a process of cutting the leaf into small pieces, i.e. flakes. It is done with specialized tools, so the flakes are easily applied. Metal Flakes gives a completely different effect than traditional leaf. It comes in gold, silver, copper, and variegated. Just like our regular leafing, our gold Metal Leaf Flakes are made up of copper and zinc which, when formulated correctly, closely resembles pure gold but is a fraction of the price. Our silver Metal Leaf Flakes are made of an aluminum alloy. It gives the look of sterling silver, at a much lower cost, and will not tarnish like sterling silver.

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Purchase Items

Gold Flakes (3 grams) 0010009 $ 6.23
Silver Flakes (3 grams) 0010010 $ 9.77
Copper Flakes (3 grams) 0010011 $ 6.67
Multi Flakes (3 grams) 0010012 $ 11.86