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Oil Painting Restorer(Cleaning Agent)

A classic, traditional surface cleaner for old oil paintings that revives, refreshes and conditions the paintings surface. It removes surface soil and helps to restore freshness in appearance. To use, dampen a soft lint free cloth (such as a piece of washed-out cotton bed sheet) with the Restorer and gently rub the surface of the painting, constantly turning the cloth so as not to rub the dirt into its surface. Do this for the entire surface of the painting paying careful attention to grooves, nooks and crevices. When done, remove with Turpentine dampened clean lint free rag, finishing with a dry lint free rag. NOTE: Please use caution when cleaning and restoring highly textured or impasto paintings being sensitive to possible surface damage due to excessive abrasion. A light touch is best! 

Oil Painting Restorer(Cleaning Agent)
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Oil Painting Restorer 2 oz 578-2 $ 8.97
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