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Copal Painting Medium

A traditional 19th century painting medium prepared especially for hobbyists and decorative painters (i.e. tole painters). Made with a modern synthetic copal resin, this painting medium has all of the manipulative and drying characteristics of the original 19th century preparation. When added to oil colors it improves flow, accelerates drying, and imparts hardness and a high gloss to the dry paint film. Because this product may cause yellowing and darkening of the colors with time, we recommend its use for occasional or impermanent painting only. Product may be diluted with Pure Gum Spirits of Turpentine or Grumtine™ only. 

Copal Painting Medium
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Copal Painting Medium 2 oz 587-2 $ 8.04
Copal Painting Medium 8 oz 587-8 $ 18.96
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