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Creative Tangle

Creative Tangle

By Trish Reinhart

Format: Paperback

You’ll love this Zentangle book if:

  • You’ve always wanted to learn how to create your own Zentangle patterns
  • You’re an experienced Zentangle enthusiast looking to take your tangling to a new level
  • You’re looking for inspiration for using different shapes and colors in your Zentangle designs

No matter how you discovered the magic of Zentangle, there is no denying its creative and intellectual benefits. For those who have been tangling for quite some time, and have established the basics of the art form, Creative Tangle by Trish Reinhart opens up a whole new world to seasoned Zentanglers by illustrating methods for creating original Zentangle patterns.

Begin your exploration of creating your own Zentangle designs by establishing the different materials that are at your disposal, and discover which ones work best for you. Next, learn the different techniques that can be used, and find out how to utilize and combine them to create a good design that is aesthetically pleasing. Once you’ve established these basics, learn how to apply your knowledgebase to creating new, original Zentangle patterns. Practice makes perfect, and you’ll learn to develop a good eye for creating these original designs. Whether you’ve applied color to Zentangle patterns before or not, you’ll find out how to add pops of color to your designs inside the pages of this book. Finally, push the inspiration of your designs even further with several different projects at the end of the book.

In Creative Tangle you’ll find:

  • A fun and simple 3-step process for designing your own tangles
  • 24 fantastic off-the-tile projects, from name signs, wine glasses and decorative wrappings to pendants, zendalas and tangled pet portraits
  • Expert tips for embellishing pre-existing patterns, creating themes, and adding color to your tangles

Chapter 1: Materials
Chapter 2: Techniques
Chapter 3: Create Your Own Patterns
Chapter 4: Color Your World
Chapter 5: Tangled Projects
A Final Thought

Creative Tangle
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