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Oil Brushes

A variety of brushes designed specifically for use with oil paints. Gainsboro natural bristle brushes by Grumbacher are featured. Princeton Brush red sable brushes, the 7400 series. Winsor & Newton's Rathbone Hog bristle brush. *NEW*Winsor & Newton has introduced the Eclipse line of black sable(fitch)brushes.

Eclipse Round4000 Synthetic Sable Bright Red Sable Fan
Red Sable Proffesional
Red Sable Round Primex Shipping
Red Sable BrightPrimex Shipping
Red Sable FilbertPrimex Shipping
Red Sable FanPrimex Shipping
Refine- Longhandle Natural Bristle
Refine 5400 Series Angle BrightPrimex Shipping
Refine 5400 Series BrightsPrimex Shipping
Refine 5400 Series EgbertsPrimex Shipping
Refine 5400 Series FansPrimex Shipping
Refine 5400 Series FilbertsPrimex Shipping
Refine 5400 Series FlatsPrimex Shipping
Refine 5400 Series RoundsPrimex Shipping
Refine 5400 Series Short FilbertsPrimex Shipping
Sable Hair Brushes
Eclipse RoundPrimex Shipping
Eclipse Flat Primex Shipping
Eclipse Thick Bright Primex Shipping
Eclipse FilbertPrimex Shipping
Eclipse Double Thick Filbert Primex Shipping
Eclipse GlazingPrimex Shipping
Eclipse Thick Fan Primex Shipping
Heritage-Synthetic Professional
4000 Synthetic Sable Bright Primex Shipping
4000 Synthetic Sable Fan Primex Shipping
4000 Synthetic Sable FilbertPrimex Shipping
4000 Synthetic Sable RoundPrimex Shipping